USS Cygnus

Welcome to the USS Cygnus!

Welcome aboard the USS Cygnus.

A Nebula-class heavy cruiser, the USS Cygnus has been in Starfleet service for more than three decades. Having recently completed an extensive refit that saw every system upgraded and updated, she’s now as cutting edge and up to date as when she was launched.

The Nebula-class has become a workhorse of Starfleet, capable of performing a wide range of mission profiles, partly thanks to her interchangeable mission pods. Scientific exploration, diplomacy, anti-piracy operations, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, defense are just some of the mission profiles that the Cygnus has taken on during the course of her service.

Under the command of Captain Bane Plase and Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast, the Cygnus continues her service manned by a crew of the best and the brightest that Starfleet has to offer. Almost fifteen years after withdrawing from the galactic stage, the Federation is once more beginning to turn her gaze outward and re-engage with her neighbors. The Cygnus and her crew are ready for this challenge and are eager to return to the Federation’s roots of exploration and peaceful co-existence. Once more they will explore those strange new worlds, they will seek out new life and new civilizations and go boldly where no-one has gone before.

The adventure continues. Will you join us?

Latest News Items

» A Very Happy Holidays

Posted on 09 Dec 2023 @ 11:36pm by Captain Bane Plase in General News

Hello Officers and Crew of the Cygnus!

We just completed our mission, Outbreak, today. Congratulations! Finishing a mission on games such as this are a huge accomplishment. Each and every one of you deserve a pat on the back and special recognition for this achievement. We started this mission on September 5, 2022, and ended it on December 9, 2023, a mission of more than a year! I admit I was very surprised that it had been that long, but there was so much to do, so many stories to tell, and so much fun to be had.

We will go on Shoreleave now, and will remain on Shoreleave until after the holidays. Feel free to post to your hearts content on either the ship, or the space station, or even Bajor or one of the systems moons! The world is your oyster. After the holidays, we will start our next mission, Enigma Variations.

A response to a distress call throws the Cygnus into the Underworld of the Federation and possibly the deaths of tens of millions of Federations citizens and the destabilization of the entire Alpha Quadrant!

During a routine survey of local space, the crew of the starship Cygnus detect a distress call from an independent freighter travelling through Federation space. When responding to the distress call, the Cygnus detects something that is, at best illegal, and at worst, could result in the deaths of untold millions and the destabilization of the Alpha Quadrant.

Sounds ominous!

In other news, welcome back to Sam, formerly Lieutenant Commander Larsen. He is bringing aboard Lieutenant Commander Stovek, a Vulcan officer, fulfilling the role of Chief of Operations. Also welcome aboard new character, played by Sandy, Lieutenant (jg) Kaelyth Solmarr occupying the role of Assistant Chief Engineer, and finally, welcome aboard Steven, who will be playing Ensign James Aznable in the role of Tactical Officer.

Exciting times lay ahead for us, and I am thankful I get to experience it with each of you!

Capt Bane Plase, Commanding

» 2023 Off to a Great Start!

Posted on 17 Jan 2023 @ 5:02pm by Captain Bane Plase in General News

Greetings one and all!

As the title so indicates, 2023 is off to a great start for the cast and crew of the USS Cygnus. We have a very compelling mission going on with First Contact of a new species, there is a very interesting side-story in play with one of our characters having a mental breakdown and questioning his place on the ship and in Starfleet and the characters and players of the ship have come together, closer than friends and colleagues and fellow writers. We have become important in each others lives, and been there to lift each other up when needed. This sim and ship is strong, because of the strong storylines, because of the strong connections between the players, and because of you individually.

I do encourage everyone to log onto the site a few times a week to make sure you are seeing all of the updated joint posts you are involved in, and to ensure that you have not missed a post that has come out from one of our amazing authors. I have heard that the emails are not coming to some of yours email inboxes. From the technical side of things, everything looks exactly right as near as I can tell, so the best way to combat this is to get into the habit of simply logging in and taking a look around.

Finally, I wanted to let everyone know that we are always looking for new people to write with us. If you know someone that likes to write, likes to play Star Trek Online, likes Star Trek, or likes Science Fiction, point them to this site. The worst they can do is not come look.

I look forward to seeing more of what you all come up with. I've never been so lucky to be a part of a crew like each of you, and hope we can continue this for many, many years to come.

Steve Brown, Game Manager, USS Cygnus

» Cygnus: An Update

Posted on 09 Oct 2022 @ 1:12pm by Captain Bane Plase in General News

Hello everyone!

I had been sitting on this news item for a bit now, excited to send it out, then got busy and the time slipped away from me! Without further delay, I'd like to announce to each of you that just over a month after we went independent, we are going extremely strong. Just over a month into our new mission, and we are almost exactly to the halfway point in terms of published posting numbers that we were with our entire previous mission! Those are extremely strong numbers, and we haven't even left Deep Space 9 in story yet! With at least half a dozen more posts in different stages of completion in the pipe, this is turning out to be a record mission for the Cygnus. You should take incredible pride in that accomplishment. I know I personally feel the love, admiration, respect, and most importantly, the friendship from each of you. Without those qualities from you all, I know for certain the Cygnus would not be what it is. I've been writing Star Trek now for 22 years (almost a quarter century!) and I have never felt as good or as strongly towards a ship and as strongly towards the people that write with me to make this dream come alive a I do with each of you, and with the Cygnus.

Keep up the outstanding dedication to each other and outstanding writing, bringing this project we all work on to life (at least in our imaginations)!

» A New Dawn

Posted on 04 Sep 2022 @ 1:02am by Captain Bane Plase in Sim Announcement

They say the night is the darkest right before the dawn, and we have certainly seen our darkest night recently. However, today is A New Dawn, full of promise, full of hope, full of excitement and full of amazing and wonderful stories that each of us, together, will come up with and enjoy, together.

The New Dawn is bright, and the new day is here, this Fourth day of September, 2022. May the Cygnus last for years to come, with her crew, her people, her players boldly going where only our imagination dares take us.

All Hands, old and new, welcome aboard!

Latest Mission Posts

» Aftermath

Mission: Enigma Variations
Posted on 16 Apr 2024 @ 6:29pm by Lieutenant JG Delenna Morak & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast

Bast awoke with a start, dreanched in sweat, clutching the bedsheets. He quickly took in his surroundings, and got his bearings. He was in his quarters on the Cygnus. He was alone in the bed. He glanced at the chronometer on the nightstand, and saw that it was still two…

» The Best Toys

Mission: Enigma Variations
Posted on 29 Mar 2024 @ 1:58pm by Lieutenant Commander Stovek

From a strictly Operational standpoint, the independent freighter Bixilfiz should not be able to depart a shipyard under its own power much less achieve faster-than-light velocities. And yet here it was in all its glory…a haphazardly cobbled together disaster that defied conventional logic. Finding out what made this enigma tick…

» The Boarding - Part 1

Mission: Enigma Variations
Posted on 21 Mar 2024 @ 7:14am by Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Commander Stovek & Lieutenant Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Raviran Dattek-Winters & Lieutenant JG Christina Hartley & Lieutenant JG Kin'Fuji Hartley MD


The transporter room dissolved in a stream of blinding light, replaced within a fraction of a second by the dark corridors of the derelict freighter. There was no debris surrounding the Away team members, any material that would have fallen to the floor had been blown out into space…

» "How Do I Get You Alone?"

Mission: Enigma Variations
Posted on 01 Mar 2024 @ 6:35pm by Lieutenant Raviran Dattek-Winters & Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat

Dr Winters was listening to music in her quarters. She had some ancient music from the archives - something she often liked to explore. She had found a song by centuries old artists "Heart" and looked them up. Apparently they were daughters of a singer from another, even older group.…

» At the Scene

Mission: Enigma Variations
Posted on 20 Feb 2024 @ 8:15pm by Captain Bane Plase & Lieutenant Commander Temerant Bast & Lieutenant Commander Stovek & Lieutenant Maralen Seitha & Lieutenant Raviran Dattek-Winters & Lieutenant JG Christina Hartley & Lieutenant JG Delenna Morak

The USS Cygnus dropped out of warp, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Or so it seemed, as they were deep in interstellar space, and the only light source were distant stars. The computer brought up the image of the drifting freighter on the viewscreen - an image that Bast…

Latest Personal Logs

» Sign-Off

Posted on 08 Dec 2023 @ 5:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Elodin Devan MD

Chief Medical Officer's Log, Supplemental.

This will be my final entry to the USS Cygnus, as I am taking an indefinite leave of absence from Starfleet. It has been my honor and privilege to serve as the primary physician for this fine crew. I leave them in the very capable…

» The Beginning of the End

Posted on 11 Nov 2023 @ 10:32pm by Captain Bane Plase


Bane, sitting in the Aide's office of the Tashi of Antioch III, the one that had used to belong to Hadrea, one of the very first on this planet to die from the disease that he and his shipmates brought here, looking at report after report of The Great…