USS Cygnus

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Cygnus: An Update

Posted on 09 Oct 2022 @ 1:12pm by Captain Bane Plase

Hello everyone!

I had been sitting on this news item for a bit now, excited to send it out, then got busy and the time slipped away from me! Without further delay, I'd like to announce to each of you that just over a month after we went independent, we are going extremely strong. Just over a month into our new mission, and we are almost exactly to the halfway point in terms of published posting numbers that we were with our entire previous mission! Those are extremely strong numbers, and we haven't even left Deep Space 9 in story yet! With at least half a dozen more posts in different stages of completion in the pipe, this is turning out to be a record mission for the Cygnus. You should take incredible pride in that accomplishment. I know I personally feel the love, admiration, respect, and most importantly, the friendship from each of you. Without those qualities from you all, I know for certain the Cygnus would not be what it is. I've been writing Star Trek now for 22 years (almost a quarter century!) and I have never felt as good or as strongly towards a ship and as strongly towards the people that write with me to make this dream come alive a I do with each of you, and with the Cygnus.

Keep up the outstanding dedication to each other and outstanding writing, bringing this project we all work on to life (at least in our imaginations)!


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