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Lieutenant Maralen Seitha

Name Maralen Seitha

Position Chief of Security

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ledaran
Age 67

Personality & Traits

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft.
Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Color Deep, Soft, Silky Black
Eye Color Warm Brown


Spouse Arianna LeFaye (Deceased)
Children None
Father Rendell Seitha (Deceased)
Mother Sharraya Seitha (Deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Larrynda Seitha (Twin, Deceased)

Personal History 5
• Death Ships destroy Ledara

• Marcus takes Maralen to Partners.
• Shaandra takes him down the elevator to her office. They discover his claustrophobia.
• Ignored the Rules book.
• Meets the Executive in Assembly. Notes the sense of fear and death (the promise of it) in his eyes.
• Notes the cold, "dead" feeling in the place and the pall of fear that hangs over it.
• Nice man gives him the Journal and tells him that everyone has to keep one, but no one ever reads anyone else's.
• Test of Vigilence. Image of Executive exerts minor control over his actions. He detects it and refuses to move. Image vanishes. Test passed.
• Taken to Shaandra's office and told to wait. Half an hour, she enters and began paperwork. An hour, asked if understood the Lesson. At no admission, told the Lesson was Patience and that he would sit while two more stacks of paperwork were finished. One hour, fell asleep. Awakened. Seven more hours. Lesson learned.

• Shaandra trains him.

• Executive takes over training from Shaandra because Partners decide that Maralen will replace him.

• Enforcements of Cold Efficiency begin with Dissection Room. First is a girl near his age. First girl is brought three times; he performs the third time but cries and apologizes. Flawed.
• Reads Rules book. No help now.
• Meets young boy named Aaron. This conversation shows him one of the lies of this place; They tell parents that it is a school for the Gifted.
• Three days pass (no Reinforcements), and he tests how far he can go in conversation.
• Meets Lynda and discovers where the line is in conversation; never reveal the true nature of the Lessons.
• Next Reinforcement, a boy, cried and hesitated.
• Next Reinforcement, a girl of around 4, cried at the end..
• Lynda gives him the key of not letting the guilt break him for Them.
• Next Reinforcement, a girl of around 7, cried after.
• Lynda gives him the label "Subjects" for his victims to help him reframe them and thus minimize the guilt.
• Next Reinforcement, an alien boy, automatically adjusted (adapted) procedure for him. Only flaw was errant thought, quickly (but not quickly enough) buried.
• Two more Reinforcements to ensure the Lesson was truly learned.
• A week passes; friendship with Lynda grows.
• Indoctrination begins.
• Taken to Holographic Projection Room; tested for speed of thought and speed of response to thought. Scene changes to arena, watching two combatants. Analyze why one lost, succeeded. Several more such tests of physical and mental prowess.
• Given a series of scenarios on paper to complete in one hour; finished in 45 minutes.
• More Hologrid tests of adaptability in Strategy, Tactics, Logistics, etc.
• A few months, tested on everything from Hand-to-Hand Combat to Single-Man Craft Tactics to Small Force Strategy. Adjusted virtually instantly to the new environment and situation (even the fighter, never before seen). Only seconds to assess the instruments and the situation and adapt to them.

• Executive takes him out in fighter to watch a battle between DarkLights and Partnership. Asked to analyze why the DarkLights lost. Analyzed both sides.

• Studies history of the conflict and the strategies of both sides.

• Phaydron Six, interacted telepathically with DarkLight Rep, adapted to local language in minutes.

• Continues building relationship with Lynda.
• Language studies added to Tactics etc.
• Other missions continue.

• Mission to the Crystal Planet, analyze what happened. Enters Spirit Hall and senses life inside the statue of the Guide. Female statue outside the Spirit Hall also warm and contains life. Discovers all organic material crystallized but everything else not.

• Lynda and he are solid relationship.
• Facility 66F, interrogation test. Uses circuit tester as electro-prod; improvises pain machine, resorts to The Scan.

• Two more years studying languages.

• Solo mission, scout. Given to the Singers. They believe that, if he survives this, he will make a much better Rep.

• Bonded to a Strike Force BlackLight and forced to fly Strikes against the enemies of the Singers.

• Forcibly de-bonded from the Strike Force BlackLight. Bonding to Strike Force Command BlackLight.

• Strike Force Command.

• Forcibly de-bonded from Strike Force Command BlackLight and bonded to Ultimate Force BlackLight.
• Bonding fails, nearly killing both he and the BlackLight. Both are saved.
• “Promoted” to Assassin.

• Assassin

• "Promoted” to Interrogator.

• Interrogator

• “Promoted” to Infiltrator

• “Promoted” to Scout

• Scout

• “Promoted” to Relations Representative (Diplomat).

• Relations Representative

• Freed from Singers by Tenna of Nestral

• Travels the universe in search of his place in it. His search leads him to the United Federation of Planets where he decides to put his rather extensive Training to good use rather than the uses his previous “employers” had been putting it to. Enters the Starfleet Academy.

• Graduates the Academy with high honors in the Field of Starship Security and Tactics. In a way, he is trying to divorce himself from that former life. Is assigned to the USS RavenFlight. Serves as Ensign here for four years.

• Promoted to Lt. JG. Reassigned to the USS Yorktown

• Promoted to Lt. Reassigned to USS Cygnus
Service Record Service to Partnership (Realm) -- 6-17
Service to MindShapers/ThoughtSingers – 18-49
USS RavenFlight
USS Yorktown
USS Harbinger