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Lieutenant JG Lisald Vaat

Name Lisald Vaat

Position Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 23

Personality & Traits

Physical Appearance


Personal History Vaat grew up in a happy, stable home in the Raakar Province on Bajor. His parents and grandparets, his uncle and his aunts had all fought in the Resistance against Cardassia, and somehow managed to all survive. To that end, each and every one of them made especially sure that Vaat and his cousins grew up not having to experience, and indeed even shielded from, the horrors that was the Resistance. Because Vaat’s grandparents knew life before the Resistance, they made sure to help his parents really nurture and guide him in his interests, then his passions, which was, as most young boys of any species hold near and dear to their heart, playing in the dirt.

When Vaat was 9 years old, he heard about an old settlement that was rumored to be nearby from more than a thousand years ago. Doing all he could to research the information and the settlement and the people that had lived there, easily weeks of study and research, he set out to find it. The end result, much to his chagrin, was that he did not find this rumored settlement, but he did find a boulder that had pre-industrial age carvings on it. He was given credit for discovering it, and to this day it is in the Central Museum on Bajor.

This event set him on a path that would eventually lead him to earning a Doctorate in Archaeology and minoring in Anthropomorphic Studies.

While at College, he joined the Astronomy club, and found that he truly enjoyed looking at the stars and wondering about them. He truly enjoyed the science of it, but beyond that, he loved to just -wonder- about them, and the planets that were around them, if the ones he was looking at had life among them, and what that life looked like. He knew, of course, that the light he was seeing happened sometimes thousands of years ago, and it was only just reaching him, and that got him to thinking about the people, and the life, that had lived there all that long ago, which fell right in line with his love of Archaeology. He applied to, and was accepted to double Major in Astronomy as well.

Upon graduation of College with his double Doctorate, the only logical course of action he could see taking was joining Starfleet. The mission of Starfleet fit extremely well with his own personal interests, what with seeking out new life and new civilizations, and just being scientists and learning all it could for the betterment of all life and civilizations in the Federation and the known galaxy. So, he applied to and was easily accepted to Starfleet Academy.

After graduation from Starfleet Academy, Vaat was assigned to the Nebula Class USS Cygnus, a Nebula Class starship, as Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist. Shortly thereafter, Captain Maxwell Stafford saw fit to promote him to Assistant Chief Science Officer and Acting Chief Science Officer due to his potential and education.

After his third mission with the USS Cygnus, Vaat was again promoted to the position of Chief of Operations, moving him from the science division to Operations, of which he was immensely proud.

During this fifth mission with the USS Cygnus, Vaat was seriously wounded during a battle with the Crystalline Entity, ending his days as Chief Operations Officer on the USS Cygnus. After convalescence, Vaat was transferred by his request from Operations back to Science. He no longer wanted to be on the command track, and no longer wished to lead a department. He wanted to be in Starfleet for the Science, and that is what he was going to do. After a long conversation with the Cygnus' Commanding Officer, Lisald was reassigned to Alien Anthropology and Archaeology, going full circle back to his roots in Starfleet and in his training.
Service Record 2399 - 2399 - Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Cygnus

2399 - 2399 - Assistant Chief Science Officer & 'Acting' Chief Science Officer, USS Cygnus

2399 - 2399 - Chief Science Officer, USS Cygnus

2399 - 2400 - Chief Operations Officer, USS Cygnus

2400 - Present, Alien Archaeologist/Anthropologist, USS Cygnus