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Managing Expectations

Posted on 10 Sep 2023 @ 4:16am by Lieutenant Commander Elodin Devan MD & Lieutenant JG Delenna Morak

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Mission: Outbreak
Location: Sickbay - Morak's office
Timeline: Immediately following The Medical Delegation

Elder Thendra had been impressed by her visit to the Cygnus's medical facilities. Bone fusion technology, which Elodin had used to heal Ensign Lamarre 's wrist, had completely overwhelmed the Antiocian Elder, head of the Healers Guild. Elodin had assured her that it might be one type of technology that the Federation could share with her people, and the Elder had left Sickbay shortly thereafter and returned to her guest quarters completely thrilled.

But Elodin know there was at least one person on his staff who was less than thrilled by the visit. Doctor Morak had abruptly left the room after her introduction.

The door to her office was open as he approached, which let him know she wasn't with a patient. He leaned in and knocked on the doorframe to announce himself.

"Everything all right Delenna?" he asked.

"Yeah, i just thought the way I introduced my job was the easiest way but it still confused the Elder and I spent months practising that bloody speech," said Delenna.

"I had assumed as much," said Elodin, nodding. "The Prophets teach us flexibility. You had practiced this speech for months, but you failed to take into account the need to adapt it to the context of your audience. The Antiocians value collaboration, cooperation, and communication. Don't be too rigid in your preparations, and be prepared to adapt to the circumstances. You did fine - right up until you decided to leave the room. Tell me, is this the first time you are participating in a First Contact mission?"

"Once but very differently. I got possessed by the entity that I named Rhinaya. It was very interesting to say the least. Rhinaya and her species may even show up someday." going back to the conversation "I also know what I am like, if i don't practice or have notes, I don't know how to counter and I wasn't expecting them not to understand what I thought was simple," said Delenna.

"Notes are good," agreed Elodin. "They help you to understand and clarify what it is you need to say. But they should only be a starting point. You should be prepared to adapt them to suit your audience."

He stood tall and graceful. "I'm a Vulcan. Describe the role of a Counselor to me," he instructed, keeping his voice calm and level, just as a Vulcan would.

"That was my adapted version the full thing I had practised is" My role is to listen to one or more crew members with impartiality. I help them work out a solution to a problem. Sometimes that's bouncing idea off one another; asking deeper questions for the person to find the solution themselves." she trailed off as she write a note on a sticky note *Call Lt. Hartley to make appointment with me*. "Sometimes it means I block days out to help the crew members," she continued. Referring back to her introduction problem, "I didn't want to overload the Elder with information. I don't think I have told anyone this but being half human, I found out from one of the many counsellors I have seen in my time that I am autistic, which is why I spend hours practising and making notes and second and third and even fourth guessing... God, it was easier with Rhinaya."

"I know," said Elodin. "This ability to second-guess yourself and revise your decisions is part of why you were selected for this assignment. Now we need to turn this from undecisiveness to a strength. Boost your self-confidence, and turn it from undecisiveness to adaptability. It's called being agile."

"Yeah. That I have always struggled with," said Delenna reaching to the replicator and making a coffee.

"Normally I would send you to the Counselor to work on issues like this. But I think you'll have to settle with me," he said with a lopsided grin. "We'll work on that together. You can do it."

"That works for me. I have seen too many counsellors in my life and I am done with their "You need to do this to be happy," attitude and I have no idea how to do the thing to be happy. Some active help is always appreciated," smiled Delenna with a nod. "So where do we start on being agile?"

"Small steps," he suggested. "We can work with scenarios. If you're uncomfortable with me presenting scenarios'" he said, thinking about the notion of him pretending to be Vulcan so she could explain her role, which he had just tried and she had ignored, "we can do it on the Holodeck, so it would be more realistic."

"Sounds good to me," said Delenna. "Thank you. I need to get back to work. This moping has taken much of my day already."

"Of course," said Elodin, taking a few steps back to exit the office. "You know where to find me if you need anything."

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