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Lieutenant JG Delenna Morak

Name Delenna Morak

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid/human
Age 45

Personality & Traits

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Weight 40kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black


Father Stephen Morak
Mother Sekaya Morak
Brother(s) Robert-Antonio

Personal History Delenna Morak is the second child of Sekaya Morak and Stephen Morak, but there was more to Stephen Morak than most people knew...He was Delenna's Grandfather as well.
The circumstances round Delenna's birth were no secret but they were henious circumstances. Delenna's mother, Sekaya, was jailed in a dinky room, chained to a bed and raped by her own father, Stephen.
Sekaya didn't talk about it at all, and she had more counselling sessions than she cared to count, but she only told Delenna the truth when Delenna joined the Ares, and Sekaya made a trip to the ship in on SD241512.19, to tell Delenna.

This truth did affect who Delenna let close to her and that was not many people. She couldn't - she was a bast*rd child of a rapist, or so she thought at the time. Delenna thought she handled the news well but on SD241808, she returned to Earth and Starfleet. Delenna needed to ask the many questions that she had not been able to ask until now and she needed one on one counselling with Dr Milandra, who saw her mother.
She stayed on Earth but visited Betazed, to see her grandmother and her great grandparents on her mother's side.

She worked different jobs within Starfleet and had numerous counselling sessions with Dr Milandra. She was still struggled to get her head round the circumstances of her birth and why her Grandfather/Father did such a henious thing, so as many times as he had gotten away with. After a number of sessions, Delenna went to visit her great-grandparents on her mother's side on Betazed and stayed with them while she spoke to her grandmother about why she let her husband do such henious things to her own daughter, Delenna's Mother.
Delenna left disgusted and sad that her grandmother still stood by her PetaQ of a husband. (Log to follow)

Delenna returned to Starfleet and she helped the Admiralty, Diplomatics, Medical, where she could but she wasn't happy in those areas. Delenna's great-grandparents on her grandfather's side, they were Starfleet Officers. Not just Starfleet Officers but Admirals or her grandfather was anyway. She paid them a visit in Admiral Andrew Johnson's Office. Delenna spoke to the about her life and what she had been told so far at that time. (Log to follow)
Service Record 241907 - Returns to USS Ares as Starfighter Pilot - 1st Lieutenant
241901 - Studies Starfighter Flight Pilot
241808 - Returns to Earth and Starfleet. Tries to get answers from her great-grandmother.
241404 - Joined the USS Ares
241009 - Admiralty Duties - Learnt Various languages. One being Klingon
240609 - Joined Starfleet Academy. Studied at Starfleet Medical, Diplomatics, Engineering and Security and Tactical