USS Cygnus


Enigma Variations

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A response to a distress call throws the Cygnus into the Underworld of the Federation and possibly the deaths of tens of millions of Federations citizens and the destabilization of the entire Alpha Quadrant!

The Planet of Lost Souls

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The crew of the USS Cygnus are on a routine exploration mission in a remote sector of the Beta Quadrant. As they survey an uncharted planet, they detect a distress signal coming from the planet's surface. Despite the risks, the Captain orders an away team to investigate the source of the signal.

A Failure to Communicate

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The Cygnus is tasked on an 8 month survey into unknown space on the back side of Cardassian-held territory. There have been fleeting rumors of a space-faring civilization called the "Commonwealth" a small interstellar republic. If true, the crew of the Cygnus is to catalogue the star systems and make First Contact with the leadership of the Commonwealth.


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Shoreleave on Deep Space 9 and the Bajoran star system.


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A minor outbreak of Thelusian Flu aboard the USS Cygnus becomes a perfect storm of technical glitches and missteps.