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Act of Kindness Medal

The recipient of this honor has continuously helped with the flow of the plot when splits and inconsistencies have occurred, or has created a sub-plot outside of the main storyline to keep people writing, together with making new officers and crew feel welcome on their arrival.

Category: In character
Awarded: 1 time

Lieutenant JG Christina Hartley
09 Dec 2023 @ 9:37pm
Lieutenant junior grade Christina Hartley created and encouraged a mass joint post with all members of the crew to intermingle and get to know each others characters and writing styles, which increased the cohesion of the members of the crew to a high degree. This joint post was outside of the confines of the mission, and as such, people were able to post their parts freely and without slowing the mission down. Her plot outside of the storyline kept people engaged and made everyone feel welcome and tight-knit.