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Family Time

Posted on 06 Aug 2023 @ 5:18pm by Lieutenant JG Christina Hartley & Lieutenant JG Kin'Fuji Hartley MD
Edited on on 06 Aug 2023 @ 5:18pm

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Hartley Quarters

Christina sighed as she reached hers and Kin's quarters, stretching as she walked in, and was immediately caught in a tackle by K'tress.

"Hey Princess," Christina greeted her daughter, kissing her forehead and picking her up. "Kin, I'm home."

"In the kitchen love." Kin'Fuji called out. "Careful, K'tress is a little ball of energy today. One of the kids at her school had a birthday party, and her mom sent way to many homemade cupcakes."

"Great, so she's on a sugar high," Christina sighed, rolling her eyes.

"Sadly." Kin'Fuji said. "What would you like for dinner?" She asked.

"CUPCAKES!" K'tress shout with so much energy.

"I think you've had enough cupcakes, sweetheart," Christina said, hugging K'tress. "You've had enough sugar."

"But I want cupcakes." K'tress said with a pout and puppy dog eyes.

"Too much sugar is bad for you, sweetie. We need to moderate what you have, otherwise you'll feel ill," Christina said. "Cupcakes can be stored in the stasis unit, so they'll remain fresh, and you can have another one tomorrow, okay?"

"I WANT CUPCAKES!" K'tress screamed in a fit.

Kin'Fuji leaned partially out of the kitchen, with but one of her crystal blue eyes glaring at K'tress. Her eyes were narrow and her eyebrow was cocked.

K'tress started to look sad. "Sorry momma and mommie." She said more calmly.

"Don't be sorry, sweetheart, you're a wonderful little girl and we love you," Christina said, hugging her.

"Love." Kin'Fuji simply said. "Bad behavior shouldn't be encouraged."

"I'm not," Christina replied. "She knows she did wrong. K'tress, you know you can't scream when you don't get what you want. Right now, you're having a sugar rush, so you'll feel a little unwell later. We don't want you feeling worse, okay?"

"Okay." K'tress simply said.

"Just okay?" Christina asked. She looked at K'tress. "You know not to do this again, yes?"

"Sorry mommie." K'tress said. "But the cupcakes was so good."

"Of course they are, which is why they're a treat, but we can't have treats all the time, can we?" Christina asked.

"But I want some." K'tress said sadly.

"What happens if you have too much sugar?" Christina asked, smiling softly and holding K'tress's hand.

K'tress pondered the question. "It bad for my teef?" She said.

Christina nodded. "Yep, it is. It's also bad for your health. Look how hyper you were just a few moments ago," Christina pointed out.

"I am not hyper, I am a kid." K'tress said just as hyper as earlier.

"Do you know what hyper means?" Christina asked.

K'tress pondered the question. "Energetic?" She asked.

"Right," Christina confirmed. "Now, if the Warp Core of any ship is too energetic, what happens to it?"

"Ummm... Something bad?" K'tress said as she was trying to remember.

"Something very bad. It blows up, and stops working. Now, it won't be as bad with you, because you're our daughter, but if you have too much energy, you'll be very ill, and we don't want you to be ill. Everything has to be in moderation, do you understand?" Christina asked.

"Think so." K'tress said.

"So you've had a lot today, and that's too much energy. Tomorrow, you can have more, as long as your good. That's what moderation is. Even me and Mommy need to have things in moderation," Christina said.

"Okay mommie." K'tress said. "Can I have some cookies?" She asked so innocently.

"Cookies are just as bad as cupcakes, sweetheart. If you're hungry, you can have your favourite fruit," Christina said.

K'tress pondered the question. "O'tay." She stated.

"Good girl," Christina smiled, kissing her forehead. "I love you," she added, getting a Banana for K'tress.

"Thank you." K'tress said as she started to peel the banana.

Kin'Fuji came out of the kitchen with a cocked eyebrow. She walked over and kissed Christina. "Welcome home love."

Christina smiled, and kissed Kin back. "Thank you, love. K'tress just needed to understand why too much is a bad thing. Plus, I'm an engineer, I like solving issues," she said, hugging Kin.

"I know love." Kin'Fuji said.

"Momma, Mommie are you going to work on giving me siblings?" K'tress asked out of the blue.

Christina spluttered as her eyes widened at the question, coughing slightly. "What... where did... why did you ask that?" Christina asked.

Kin'Fuji started to choke cough herself.

"Well, Marcy at school says that her momma and papa are working hard on giving her a sibling." K'tress said.

"Wow... okay, um..." Christina began, struggling to find the words. "Did you... want a sibling?"

"I want to be a big sister." K'tress said with an innocent smile.

Christina looked at K'tress and then at Kin'Fuji. "I know Uncle Plase would love to have another niece or nephew to dote on," Christina said.

"Why not the both of us carry this time?" Kin'Fuji simply asked.

"That works for me," Christina agreed, smiling as she kissed Kin'Fuji.

K'tress just started beaming. "I get more then one sibling?" She asked.

"Yes, you get more than one," Christina agreed. "But you'll need to start showing us you can be a good example to your siblings."

"How can I do that?" K'tress asked as she is now confused.

"By being a good girl, by asking nicely and not throwing any more tantrums," Christina smiled at her.

"Okay." K'tress said. "I am sowwy that I had a tan drum."

"It's okay sweetie," Christina hugged K'tress. "I love you, baby girl, and I'm proud of you for being so mature."

"Thank you momma." K'tress said all bubbly.

"Go and wash up and get ready for dinner, sweetie," Christina told her.

"Yes mommie." K'tress said before bolting for the bathroom.

"You are such a good mother." Kin'Fuji said before giving Christina a kiss.

Christina smiled. "I do my best, love. Although now we're going to have more kits, huh? I was not expecting that from her."

"We have been talking about it for a bit now." Kin'Fuji said. "And, yes I agree, that was an unexpected question from K'tress."

"What are they teaching her in school?" Christina asked, sighing.

"What is usual." Kin'Fuji said with a chuckle. "Also, remember that K'tress is reading, and I have a few Medical Journals and Textbooks around our quarters."

"Good point. I suppose I should make an appointment with you about the impregnation," Christina teased.

"True." Kin'Fuji said with a smile. She gave Christina's neck a nuzzle.

Christina smiled and held onto Kin. "I love you so much," she said softly.

"I love you too Christina." Kin'Fuji said. "And I love our going to be growing family."

"Likewise," Christina smiled. "We should start dinner, then we can give K'tress her bath."

"Dinner is already started." Kin'Fuji said before she gave Christina's ass a pinch.

Christina giggled. "I'm gonna go wash up, I need to feel clean after a day in the engine room."

"Then we can get naughty later." Kin'Fuji said as turned to head to the kitchen. Her tails ran along Christina's jaw line.

"Works for me," Christina giggled.

"It always works for you, and me." Kin'Fuji said seductively looking over her shoulder at Christina.

"Eww. Gross." K'tress said walking out of the bathroom.

Christina laughed and kissed K'tress's forehead before heading into the bathroom.

K'tress went back to her drawings. As Kin'Fuji cooked and Christina showered.

Christina returned shortly, ready for dinner, and smiled. "Have you met any of the people from the planet?" Christina asked. "I gave one a tour of Engineering earlier."

"Not yet." Kin'Fuji said.

"They seem to think our technology is magic. I tried to help them understand it's just science, but they still don't fully understand. I'm not sure how they managed to break the FTL barrier," Christina said, sitting down on the couch.

"Interesting." Kin'Fuji said. "I wonder how they would react to the Furry Humanoid's within Starfleet's rank."

"That'll be interesting to see," Christina giggled.

"I bet." Kin'Fuji said with her own giggle.

"Still, from what I hear, they've been asking for some tech for themselves. I think they're trying to run before they can walk," Christina commented.

Kin'Fuji chuckled. "You sound like the Vulcans before the Federation was founded."

"Maybe, but they weren't wrong. Look what happened; the Xindi, the Klingon's, the Romulans. I'm glad we went out there, but still, we did think we were better than we were," Christina said.

"Oh I understand that, but the Vulcans did little to prepare the Earth about what was out there." Kin'Fuji pointed out.

"You're not wrong," Christina agreed. "Their High Command were corrupt, and stopped by Captain Archer, if I remember my history."

"That is true." Kin'Fuji said with a smile. "Well I hope we are better teachers then the Vulcan's of old."

"Can't be any worse," Christina laughed. "Still, I've found some interesting developments from their tech, and I think it's going to give the science team a lot to do, especially with a new type of radiation I discovered the people using," Christina said.

"Send over that radiation so we can see what the medical issues it can cause." Kin'Fuji said.

"I will do," Christina agreed, as she leant forward, grabbing her engineering PaDD. "Sent the information to your files," she said, after a few moments. "I didn't see anything dangerous, but mixed with the elements on one of the moons, it's definitely giving me a lot to study. I could be here for months, and barely scratch the surface of this."

"You don't see anything from an Engineering stand point." Kin'Fuji said with a smirk. "I will look over it later."

"Fair point," Christina agreed, chuckling softly. "I think someone is about to crash," she added softly, indicating a clearly sleepy K'tress.

"Yea." Kin"Fuji said moving to pick up K'tress. "Alright sweetie, it is bed time." She said heading for her bedroom.

Christina smiled and got herself a glass of pineapple juice from the replicator, before sitting down. She waited for Kin to return from the bedroom, and when she did, Christina looked at her wife. "I..." she began, and sighed. "I've been having the nightmares again," she said softly, referring to the Borg attack on Earth, and when she had been assimilated.

"I know love." Kin'Fuji said as she came over to straddle Christina. "You have kicked me a few times, and I am Empathic."

Christina held onto Kin, closing her eyes. "I'm sorry love," she said softly. "I... every time I close my eyes, I see...them. That voice, telling me to kill. The Queen, telling me that she could make us all united in peace, and the image of you, assimilated," Christina said, tears welling up in her eyes. "I'm so glad you were on Cait for that. The idea of you being there... I don't dare imagine it."

"It is alright love." Kin'Fuji said. "I am here now to help you through this." She stated.

"I just... that voice... over and over... the blood... and the look on their faces as I killed them. I killed fellow officers, with these hands that I want to use to build and create, not destroy," Christina said, as tears were gently flowing down her face.

Kin'Fuji took Christina by the cheeks. "Love, that wasn't your fault. You were being controlled by a demented , and partially destroyed Borg Queen." She said. "No one in Starfleet is blaming you for it."

"Maybe they should be," Christina sniffed softly. "I can't stop seeing their faces... the screams... and those changelings... I worked with one for months! I... I should have..." Christina broke down into tears as she rested her head on Kin's shoulder.

Kin'Fuji only held her wife. "It is alright love. I know it hurts, but I am here to help."

Christina remained there, the nightmares and the pain flowing with her tears, unable to forget that day. She had been part of the collective for only a short time, and yet, it had been the worst day of her life. So many people had died, some by her hand. She had followed the commands without question, and hadn't fought it. A part of her had even wanted it. What kind of monster did that make her?

Kin'Fuji just used her empathic abilities to help calm Christina. "Please Christina, it is alright."

Christina held onto Kin as she felt Kin'Fuji's abilities soothing the pain. "I... I'm sorry love," she whimpered softly.

"Love it is alright." Kin'Fuji said. "It is my job to make sure you are happy."

"I... I just wish it never happened, or that I'd gone with you to Cait, but that fucking Admiral wouldn't approve my leave," Christina said bitterly.

"I know, and you no longer have to worry about that Admiral." Kin'Fuji said.

"No, thanks to being here. I just... I just can't stop the nightmares," Christina wept softly.

"They will never stop love." Kin'Fuji said. "But I will always remain by your side, helping you."

Christina nodded softly as she kept her head on Kin's shoulder. "I just... I hate this so much," she said softly.

"I know love." Kin'Fuji said. "Even K'tress knows you are having sleeping issues."

Christina sniffed softly. "I never want to worry either of you," she said. "I'm just thankful that the Borg signal was only strong enough to affect the Sol system."

"Love, I will always worry about you." Kin'Fuji said. "That is one of the jobs I agreed to when we married. "The Borg signal may not have extended past the Sol system, but it affected all of the Federation."

"You weren't assimilated at the time, thank god," Christina said softly. "That... I dread to think how K'tress and you would be if you'd faced it. I just... I don't want to imagine something that bad."

"Nether do I love." Kin'Fuji said. "I'm so glad that Admiral Crusher discovered how to reverse the Changlings meddling."

"So am I," Christina agreed. "I'm sorry for worrying you and K'tress," she said softly. "I would go to the counsellor, but honestly, I really don't like her. Counselor Morak is so god damned arrogant!"

"Then get a new Counselor." Kin'Fuji said.

"Not many options here. When she first came aboard, she tried telling me engineers how to do their job, threatened one of my people with some sort of flu virus, and thought of having a pissing contest. Don't get me wrong, I won, but she just annoyed the hell out of me," Christina said, shaking her head, thankful for the change of subject.

"Want me to have a chat with her boss?" Kin'Fuji asked.

"No, it's fine," Christina replied. "I made sure she knew that when it came to engineering, or threatening my people, I was the one in charge, and if she pulls that crap again, I'll throw her ass in the brig."

"I hear that love." Kin'Fuji said. "I can still have a chat with her boss to drive the point home."

"Thanks love, but I got this. I love how protective you are of me," Christina smiled.

"I will always be protective of you and K'tress." Kin'Fuji said.

"And I'm glad for that," Christina said, kissing Kin. "I love you, Kin, so much."

"I love you too, so much." Kin'Fuji said with a smile. "Do you want more children?" She asked out of the blue.

Christina looked at her and blinked several times. "Uh... well, I know K'tress wants siblings, and I always figured we'd have more kids, sure," Christina replied.

"Good." Kin'Fuji said, as she was happy to successfully change the subject. "We should start planning, because I want us both to carry, this time."

"Okay. Well, we'll speak to your boss and make sure it happens," Christina promised.

"That we will." Kin'Fuji said. Then she got a playful look on her face, which lead her to lick Christina's cheek.

Christina giggled and kissed Kin. "You're playful," she teased.

"Always." Kin'Fuji said with a chuckle.

"Wanna get an early night?" Christina asked, giggling.

Kin'Fuji chuckled. "Sure, and I love you."

"I love you too," Christina smiled, as she led the way to the bedroom, smiling as they went. Christina was so thankful to have Kin, and K'tress, and knew that whilst she had her nightmares, she also knew the Borg were gone, for good, so now she had to focus on keeping her family safe.

No matter what.


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