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Is it a medical issue or a scientific one? Or Both?

Posted on 13 Aug 2023 @ 6:34pm by Lieutenant Raviran Dattek-Winters & Lieutenant Commander Elodin Devan MD & Lieutenant JG Christina Hartley & Lieutenant Albert Spangler & Lieutenant JG Kin'Fuji Hartley MD & Lieutenant JG Delenna Morak

1,035 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Outbreak
Location: Main Conference Room
Timeline: MD 4


The Main Conference Room * * * * *

Ravi was surprised to seem to be first to arrive. It wasn't usually the case as she was more often than not, held back by whatever was the current emergency at the time in Sickbay.

She put her PADDs down on the table halfway along the side nearest to the Replicator and then went to visit that machine. She ordered herself a Terran Tea with milk but before she could take it back to the table to sit down and drink, others began to arrive in quick succession and having been unwise enough to begin to ask the first of them if she could get them a beverage too, it wasn't long before her own tea was sitting on the side, cooling, as Ravi set about helping everyone to whatever they wanted to drink and ending up amongst the last to sit down.

At least it meant that everyone got a drink and not too many were all squashed up in front of the replicator in a rush.

Spangler limped slightly as he entered conference room. He was still sore, but relieved he probably didn't have anything broken. He didn't realize diplomacy could be so hazardous. The PADD in his hand was serving little purpose other than as a saucer for the coffee mug sitting on top of it. He was thankful to have brought his own beverage, allowing him to slip past the impromptu refreshment service. Albert found a seat at the far end of the table, and began people watching.

Delenna walked in after seeing a client and waited patiently for everyone else to sit down. She went to the replicator and ordered a Rakta'gino double strength. She had struggled sleeping and now she was crashing even before her day had really started.

Ravi wondered if she should allow her boss to start the meeting off, as he was the most senior there but then again, maybe as this was a meeting of one Lieutenant and a whole group of JG's perhaps it wasn't going to be relevant?

Either way, she didn't like the idea of going first in case that would be offensive to him, so she waited with the others and looked around to see who they might be waiting for amongst those who had been called here. The only one she didn't see yet was the Chief Engineer, Christina Hartley. Maybe they were waiting for her before they could begin? It would make sense.

Kin'Fuji entered with room with a smile on her muzzled face. She was carrying a thermos with the homemade tea in it. Her three tails where swaying happily behind her. "Morning." She said to everyone as she took her seat.

It was another couple of minutes before Elodin walked in. He carried a data PaDD and walked past the table at a brisk pace, and stood at the head of the table.

"Thank you all for coming on such short notice," he said, glancing around the table to get a clear head count. "I just got off the comm with Lieutenant Bast. For the past few days, it seems the Antiocians have been dealing with a deadly epidemic of some sort."

He tapped a button, and the viewscreen came to life, displaying the list of symptoms. "The etiology is unclear, but the timeline seems to coincide with our arrival. They have been unable to identify the pathogen, and are asking for our help. Both for diagnostic and for treatment."

The PaDDs scattered throughout the room pinged once. Elodin nodded in their direction. "You have just received all of the data at our disposal. It's still very fragmentary. Lieutenant Bast is still reaching out to the Antiocian Elders, trying to link up our computer to their networks so we can have full access to the relevant information."

He tapped another button and a diagram appeared on the viewscreen with their names and assignments. "Doctor Winters, I'd like you on the planet, working directly with the Healers Guild staff to coordinate treatment across all medical centers - they call them Medicas. See if you can define standard protocols for treatment, based on current evolution of the illness. Doctor Kin'Fuji, the Medica in the Haert Medica, in the Capital City. They seem to be Ground Zero, they need the most urgent help. Counselor Morak, there might be issues related to grief counseling, especially with an event of this scale, where you might be helpful with the Antiocians. You might want to consult with Lieutenant Lisald, I think he just reviewed some data on their death rituals. We might also put some.of your medical training to use up here, while everyone is busy on Antioch.

"Lieutenant Spangler..." He made an involuntary pause as he glanced at the Science officer, who seemed to curse the fact that Elodin hadn't forgotten to include him. "We'll need someone from your department to help identify the pathogen. Obviously we're dealing with some kind of infection. Given the rate of infection and the speed at which it's progressing, I highly doubt it's parasitic in nature. Could be bacterial or viral. The Antiocians just had a massive Festival that would have been the ideal breeding ground for a virus. If this is the case, we need to isolate it and study it.

"Lieutenant Hartley," he said finally, turning to the Chief Engineer. "I don't have any specific requests for Engineering at this time, but I do need you to be on alert. I'm sure we'll need specialized medical equipment shipped out to the Medicas, we need to be able to provide it stat."

Benoit down his data PaDD. "Any questions?"

Ravi looked across at the CMO.

"No questions Sir, other than can I take Nurse Paul Harriss with me please? I'm happy to go planetside but I'd like back up from someone who is competent with a hypospray and a medcorder to assist if that's okay?" As she was asking, Ravi was compiling a mental list of what she would need to top up in her "away" medical kit as she liked to call the personal medical bag that she never let leave her side, especially when off ship.



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