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Lieutenant Raviran Dattek-Winters

Name Raviran Dattek-Winters

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Cardassian, Half Bajoran
Age 35

Personality & Traits

Physical Appearance

Weight 128lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color Green-Hazel


Spouse none
Children none
Father : Gul Raverek Dattek Adoptive Father: Lt James Winters
Mother Birth Mother: Amoran-Dattek, Kiri Adoptive Mother: Lt (jg) Sara Winters
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none

Personal History Raviran was born to a Cardassian father and his Bajoran wife and she enjoyed a wonderfully happy childhood on Cardassia until she was about 8yrs old when her parents were both killed in 2375 in the Cardassian rebellion and Dominion retaliation attacks.

Cardassians were generally great parents and their families usually thrived but they were not so caring of their orphans and Ravi, having just been made one, was found in the chaos and wreckage, wounded but not seriously. She was taken to the Tozhat Resettlement Centre on Bajor where she was fortunate enough to be chosen for adoption by a Starfleet couple. The future this opened up for her was an extraordinarily lucky one and as a result, she now has happy memories of both her life with her blood parents and her live with her adoptive parents too. Happily adopted into Starfleet at about 9yrs old, Raviran naturally progressed on to the Starfleet Academy at 18 and having wanted to care for wounded and ill patients since her misfortunes and care received at that massacre when she was so young, she took a medical route with her career.

Raviran has dark hair and green-hazel eyes, with slight Bajoran ridges at bridge of her nose and a lesser Cardssian exoskeletal structure, visible in uniform only to her neck, brows, shoulders and forehead.

Personality: With a bright, sunny disposition, Raviran smiles readily and to her, life is a cup half full. She cares deeply and can be emotional. She retains her childlike sense of fun and has a rather mischievous sense of humour but her starfleet training is usually enough of an inner-parent to guide her out of trouble.

Strengths & Weaknesses: Raviran cares deeply and can be emotionally involved with her patients’ progress if it is going wrong in particular but she has the strength of her losses in her life which helps her to retain philosophical foundation stones if needed.
She has a great sense of fun which can be a tiny bit childlike but her same childlike spark and enjoyment is infectious and can lighten up atmospheres, parties and social events.

Ravi is fiercely loyal once her love/friendship is given and is dedicated in her work ethics.

Ambitions: Ravi would like to expand her work to a Starbase with its diversity of types of inhabitants and therefore patients. She also wishes to do more with her basic major of genetics and has begun to expand into AI and symbiont medicines too.

Hobbies and Interests: Ravi plays Parrises Squares and does quite well. She entered a tournament on her last ship and came high in the results chart. She also plays 3-D chess as she finds it demands so much of her mind that it allows her to switch off, in fact it forces her to, in order to think in so many directions at once. She also loves music. She has a vast collection of ancient and modern music and can play piano with some skill and talent.

Languages: Federation Standard, Bajoran and Cardassian.

Service Record For Character:
Happily adopted into Starfleet at about 9yrs old, Raviran naturally progressed on to the Starfleet Academy at 18 and having wanted to care for wounded and ill patients since her misfortunes and care received at that massacre when she was so young, she took a medical route with her career.

Ravi began her medical training directly on leaving the Academy and Interned at Starfleet's Cochran University Hospital in San Fransisco, on Earth. She then went on to spend her Registrar years in situ on the USS Rennaisance, a Galaxy Class ship with a large medical section where she was encouraged to undertake a research project as part of her specialty. She chose genetics and was awarded the Pallanski Prize for Most Promising Medical Progress.

Once fully qualified as a Ship's Surgeon at the age of 28, Ravi took a year's secondment to finally visit Bajor, where she practiced in the Ilivian Medical Complex. Returning to active Starfleet duty, she joined the USS Venture, a Defiant Class starship, and was promoted to Lt (jg).

Having added three more years' practical experience and a further promotion to Lieutenant, Ravi was appointed Assistant Chief Medical Officer on the USS Cygnus.

Service Record for Player:
20+ years in RPG (PBEM/SMS/Forum/LiveChat/Nova/MMORPG) - 6 of which were in AQSG (Alpha Quadrant Sim Group) 7th ‘Omega’ Fleet; 8th ‘Dawnspring’ Fleet and 3rd “Thunderers” Fleet; 2 concurrent yrs in forum & Live-chat LotR rpg, & 6 years in the Obsidian Fleet plus several Independent Sims.
More recently in Bravo Fleet and Theta Fleet.
I've attended Fall Fest for the last 3yrs & have recently been looking in on Sim Central.

Past and present Primary Characters (for which there still exist bios) & PNPCs on:
AQSG: Admiralty of 7th Fleet (Rr Adml, 4yrs service) USSs: Oblivion, Damocles(XO), Patriot, Robert-April-b, Ventures-A+B, Stevenage, Valley, Renaissance and SB Aurora (CO);
Independents & Misc: USS’s Valiant, Penance (XO), Black Pearl (XO), Exeter, Wasp-B, Justice and Endeavour-C.
Plus Stabases: SB Omega (CO), Langley, SB514 Sanctuary, Protector, Colony of New Damascus; SB10; SB99; SB80; & DS5 (at one point 3XO - Cmdr)
Theta Fleet: SB Phoenix; Inti Colony & DS5 which moved about 5 yrs ago
Bravo Fleet: SB 10; SB99 – SB400 (stalled due to IRL deaths)
Horizon Fleet: USS’s Mariner & Taurus
Farpoint Fleet: USS’s Horatio Nelson and Ranger
United Fleet: USS’s Sentinel (2XO), Merlin, & Ozymandias (XO)
Obsidian Fleet: DS5 – Sim moved to Theta Fleet, USS Shanghai -Sim moved and went independent (2XO Cmdr), USS Illustrious/Nimitx/Camelot – Sim Closed/Left fleet (2XO - Lt Cmdr)

Having held Commissioned ranks ranging from Rear Admiral to Cadet & Non-Coms of CPO & PO – all in positions which have ranged from AQSG’s 7th Fleet’s X-O to a Cadet fresh out of the Academy. The characters I’ve created include a few males but more often females; all (until now) part-human but mostly including parts: Bajoran, Betazoid, Klingon, Romulan, Ba’Ku, Bolian, Angosian, Denobulan & Cardassian now, even with one who accidentally became part-AI.

With PCs & NPCs on countless ships and starbases (several concurrently) some have been short stays but others have lasted many years. e.g I have had characters on DS5 for fourteen years which are still active.

OOC: I joined Starbase 400 last year but sadly was unable to take up my position there due to losing both my Parents, my Godmother and my Mother-in-Law all within three months of each other, which took me away from simming to cope with real life. I am finally back and despite then also losing two close friends and both of my beautiful dogs (11 & 12yrs old respectively) I’m now looking to rejoin old friends here and enjoy my beloved simming again.

I’m married with three “offspring” who are all way too grown up to be called my ‘kids’ these days. My second time was a “Buy One Get One Free” deal and I was blessed with the multi-faceted world that twins bring.